Billy Bob Exercises

from "Billy Bob Cleans Up"
(included with "Tom Smith Auditions"
and "Jeff and Sandy Apply Sunscreen"
on DVD CCTV Program #2)

bb01panm.gif bb02panm.gif bb03panm.gif
bb04panm.gif bb05panm.gif bb06panm.gif
bb07panm.gif bb08panm.gif bb09panm.gif
bb10panm.gif bb11panm.gif bb12panm.gif
bb29panm.gif bb38panm.gif bb39panm.gif
bb40panm.gif bb43panm.gif bb77panm.gif
bb81panm.gif bb83panm.gif bb84panm.gif
bb85panm.gif bb86panm.gif bb87panm.gif
bb13panm.gif bb14panm.gif bb15panm.gif
bb16panm.gif bb17panm.gif bb18panm.gif
bb19panm.gif bb20panm.gif bb21panm.gif
bb22panm.gif bb23panm.gif bb24panm.gif

Here are pics of Billy Bob, animated.
He was a NYC club go go boy who appeared several times on Rick X's
The Closet Case Show, Manhattan Cable, NYC (1984-94)