My Constitutional Amendment
to REALLY Defend Marriage
from its most SERIOUS threats:
adultery and divorce!
My Defense of Marriage Amendment to the Constitution:

"Marriage is a permanent bond between a man and woman, Biblically ordained by God, indissoluble, with no possibility of divorce.[1 Cor 7:10] A marriage is inviolate and can end only on the death of one or both partners. Furthermore, adultery by either spouse shall be considered an unpardonable crime that will be met with the Biblically prescribed penalty of death, with no possibility of pardon.[Deut 22:22]"

This amendment would allow men and women who are truly devoted to the holy word of God to defend their sanctified, permanent and incorruptible marriage, while the rest of us (feckless heterosexuals and immoral gays) could settle for a less holy civil union. I'm sure that this is the one truly comprehensive defense of society's most blessed institution, and it should make true believers happy. [Please disseminate widely!]


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A humorous look at the Jewish "ex-gay" movement in Israel
by my best friend, Phil S. Stein

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Fun stuff to think about if you're smoking hash right now!

If Lord Acton is right, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then God is the Devil. I guess that makes sense if you believe that existence is a paradox. Can God make both a metal pipe that cannot be cut and a saw that can cut through anything? The real cannot exist without an unreal. There's a fun thought for those of you doing psychedelic drugs right now. By the way, God is a he-she, and should be called It. Its current manifestation on earth is the duality of Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft is the He, active and ugly, but able to perform powerful feats of file fabrications. Apple is the She, passive and beautiful, not terribly powerful app-wise, but fabulously fashionable and friendly for finding and festively festooning us with fascinating fluff. Put them together and you get the Age of Aquarius. Take another toke.


Jack Wagner (?)
(with Vivaldi in the background)
expounding on the word "Fuck"


Rick X's Useful Tips for Prudent Partying

Tips for Prudent Partying


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