Links to People I Like

(and who have been good to me)

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Spin Cycle,
Chip Duckett's
show & club site

Catch Joan Rivers
live and uncensored
in her show benefiting
God's Love We Deliver!

The Mother of Gay Sites

The Center's
NYC Info Site

The indomitable Randy Jones,
the Village People Cowboy

Larry G. Jones
the legendary Las Vegas
singing impressionist!
(whom I adore!)

Awesome Aussies
A lot of bang for the buck, and free video previews.

The home base for
current kweer culture

a lot of bang for your buck,
in my opinion

Tim Miller,
performance artist extraordinaire

(Below are all free directories:)



Thanks, Men on the Net!

Links to Nice People Who Want to Help You

Are you still worried that God doesn't love you?

Is your life getting a bit methed up?