Cutest Butt Contest
seen on The Closet Case Show
Manhattan Cable Public Access [1988]

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Here's a clip from Thanksgiving weekend, 1988. I want to give thanks for this glorious evening at the Tunnel, in Chelsea. It was Victor Weaver's Straight to Hell party, and Ethel Eichelberger was the MC. I went with my friend Bruce, one of New York's best swimmers and cutest party boys. This evening led me to Danny, who won the contest easily, being NYC's cupid of that era. He's in LA now, and still maintains one of the cutest butts on the planet. Danny appeared on my show more than any other single go go boy in town, and with this contest, you'll see why. I also met Billy, who later starred on my show as Billy Bob in Billy Bob Cleans Up. He's the one who hangs out and plays with himself on stage after the contest is over.

Some of you may recognize William Higgins regular, Chris Williams, who was going by another name for the purposes of this event.

The footage clocks in at a little over half an hour and includes some stuff that there wasn't time for on the original 28-minute cable episode and which was also a little too frisky for the Manhattan Cable lawyers at that particular time.


By the way, the sound drops out in the middle for several minutes, due to technical problems trying to make the transfer from a twenty-year-old VHS tape, so you'll have to hum your own soundtrack for a while.


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