Joey Stefano at Florent,
seen on The Closet Case Show
Manhattan Cable Public Access [May, 1990]

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A look back at an historic interview--

Florent, on April 29, 1990, welcomed us for a dinner hosted by Chip Duckett (Club Mars) for Joey Stefano (video star) to meet with Robin Byrd (The Robin Byrd Show), Michael Musto (Village Voice), Tina Paul (Details), Jess Cagle (Entertainment Weekly), Liz Tracy (OutWeek), John Gilbert (actor/director), and yours truly, Rick X (The Closet Case Show).

This was the dinner at which Jess Cagle and I prodded Joey for information about his escort services, including any famous clients he might care to name. He talked about his relationship with David Geffen, and, portentously, David's entreaties to Joey to get off of the drugs he was into. As we found out later, Joey did not heed Mr. Geffen's advice and died of a heroin overdose.

Now is as good a time as any for more experienced members of the community to remind the youngsters that drugs should be used judiciously and in moderation. And some drugs are probably not worth bothering with at all.

As for the so-called "outing" of David Geffen, I feel really silly now to have been a part of that social mythology because Geffen was among those more enlightened folk, who include Gore Vidal, Allen Ginsberg and Freud, who ultimately realized that there was no such thing as gay or straight, only love and repression. The invention of gay and straight came with the industrial age when the nuclear family was invented in order to make people slaves of corporations by ball and chaining them, one man to one woman, instead of encouraging a healthier extended family of many relatives and lovers. Hopefully, we will be returning to some of the more inspired, uplifting Hellenic ideals and values as the Age of Aquarius continues to dawn.

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