Michael Musto Dancing
seen on The Closet Case Show
Manhattan Cable Public Access [June, 1990]

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Here's a clip from June, 1990. There are many important downtown Michaels in my life. There's Michael Wakefield, the photographer and party promoter. There's Michael Alig, the Club Kid genius provocateur who fell into some unfortuante company, and there's Michael Musto, who chronicles everybody's downtown flirtations, frolics, foibles, and fuck-ups. This 40-second clip is a little treasure from the archive showing Musto dancing at Alig's opening of a club called Palace in June, 1990. Musto, while earning his dime as a scribe, is also a musical comedy performer in his own right, and this little clip of his dancing shows us what other career path he could have chosen, and might still choose. The next time you see Michael at a club, grab him forcefully and pull him onto the dance floor so that he can teach you how we used to shake our booty. [And who's the pretty girl, Michael?]

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