My unedited shoot of the Burger King Outlaw Party, March 16, 1990.

There is also a slideshow of this party in the Slideshow area. Please write me (rickshur at hotmail dot com) to indentify the slides.

The Outlaw Parties were infamous. This one at Burger King had Michael scantily clad as a rain forest denizen. You will recognize a lot of Celebrity Club stars. After people help me identify everybody, I'll remake the video with titles. You'll find Angel Melenedez here, as well as RuPaul and a host of notable people. Angel died on Saint Patrick's Day, 1996, and this party took place on Saint Patrick's Day eve, 1990.

Outlaw Party 3-16-90

Here's an MP4 version for those of you who use Macs, iPhones and iPods.
(This format doesn't stream like Windows Media,
so it may take several minutes to load,
but it's worth the wait.)



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