SOJO Safe-Sex Party
seen on The Closet Case Show
Manhattan Cable Public Access [1990]

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Here's a clip from September, 1990. SOJO ran a safe-sex party for its members, which meant that all sex was manual ("outercourse"). Like their closest cousins, the bonobo monkeys, the homo (sapiens) monkeys like to settle tribal differences by stroking each other. The homo (sapiens) monkey is a social animal, always ready to lend a helping hand to a fellow tribe member. .

Safe-sex parties are a swell way to avoid STD's. If you were ever curious about what went on in one, take a look at this ten-minute version of a 30-minute show that aired on The Closet Case Show back in 1990. Because this video has educational value, you should share it with sex education and health advocacy groups everywhere.

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