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various episodes from
The Closet Case Show Manhattan Cable Public Access [1984-94]
plus some new things from the 21st century

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Pride March 1984 (1984)
the very first episode of The Closet Case Show
had my cute friend, John Romberger, doing a one-time hosting gig
following the 1984 NYC Christopher Street Liberation Day March/Parade
(The show was originally called City Heights,
and then The City Heights Closet Case Show at the end of 1984.)


Jeff and Sandy Try on Swimsuits (1992)
in which Jeff and Sandy get dressed for the beach
and then apply sunscreen.
(This is an edited-for-cable version,
but you still probably shouldn't watch it at work.)


Jeff and Sandy Put on Sunscreen (1993)
in which Jeff and Sandy get dressed for the beach,
apply sunscreen, and then get frisky.
(This is an unedited safe-sex video,
which I aired after Time Warner Cable lawyers finally
stopped censoring public access shows.
However, as soon as it aired, my midnight slot was taken from me,
and I was put on at 2:00 AM.
Consequently, I lost most of my audience.)


Joey's Modeling Audition
in which Joey tries to land a job
with the Dominic Scataloggia Modeling Agency.
(a 28-minute version originally aired in 1992,
but this is the 2010 director's cut, 45 minutes in length)


Manhattan Wrestlers
Some of the islands most proficient athletes
execute their moves.


Chip Duckett celebrates a year at Mars
West Village, NYC
January 7, 1990
with Jake and Frankie
serving cake and champagne.


Cute Boys in their Underpants
January, 1994
a Robert Coles production
at the Sanford Meisner Theater in Chelsea


Swimmers at the Gay Games
June 24, 1994
Asphalt Green, NYC


Burglar Entrapped
December, 1993
an episode that involved a gunplay fantasy


Campus Thursdays'
4th Anniversary at
April 15, 2010, in Chelsea


Michael Musto's
25th Anniversary at the
Village Voice Party
(thrown by Chip Duckett
with host, Joan Rivers
March 2, 2010, in Chelsea


Lidell Jackson and Michael
demonstrate sucking and fucking with a condom
at Lidell's birthday party, 1993
in downtown Manhattan


Go-Go Boy/Gymnast Extraordinaire
at Splash, Campus Thursdays, NYC
August 20, 2009


I go to the 6-22-09 HX Awards party
(not the show, just the party)


My December, 1988 interview with
Keoki and Michael Alig


Michael Alig's Burger King Outlaw Party
Times Square, 3-16-90


Joey Stefano's Interview that Changed David Geffen's Life


Jeff and Jake (Corbin)
at home in Hell's Kitchen
Summer, 1990
(getting up in the morning)


Chip Duckett's Saturday nights
at Mars (West Village, 1990)
Shooting go-go boys in ambient light,
catching erotic moments as they fleeted by.


Linda Simpson's Channel 69 at Pyramid (East Village, 1990)
Live entertainment by Linda and her stable of adorable boys.

(Live from the Locker Room and NAMBLA Playhouse with Uncle Stewie)


Cutest Butt Contest at the Tunnel, 1988



Jack Wrangler's dressing room interview with Rick X
(Anthony Bruno's Soul Survivor,
June 29, 1989- Jack's theatrical debut!)


Paul and Jeff Just Say No to Drunk Driving
This 24-minute video filmed by Rick X
aired in a 1985 broadcast,
and it is presented here
with the original video
but a different soundtrack.


Halloween 1989 NYC
a 12-minute video filmed by Rick X
at a frisky Halloween party in the East Village
(You probably don't want to view this at work...
or in a public library. It is a bit Eksplissit.)


Michael Musto Dancing
a 40-second video filmed by Rick X
at Michael Alig's Palace opening, June, 1990


SOJO Safe-Sex Party
a 10-minute video filmed by Rick X
at a JO (jerk-off, jack-off) party in
downtown Manhattan, September, 1990


Queer Nation Pool Party
a 12-minute video filmed by Rick X
on the rooftop of an undisclosed
midtown Manhattan hotel, NYC, July, 1990


A Brief Architectural History of the American Closet
a 30-minute play by Tim Maner,
produced Off-Off Broadway, NYC, 1992


An Ivy League Swim Meet


Bathing at Quick, 1990


Jimmy Joins the ROTC, with Drew Kelley [Part 1 of 3]


Jimmy Joins the ROTC, with Drew Kelley [Part 2 of 3]


Jimmy Joins the ROTC, with Drew Kelley [Part 3 of 3]


Dane Ford Dancing at Show Palace


Paul Dano in L.I.E.